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The campaign’s schedule

The REPERE evaluation campaign deals with people recognition in television programmes.


The campaign’s schedule is described in the evaluation plan.

To view the schedule, click on the “Deliverables” section and log in with your username and password.


At the end of the evaluation campaign held in January 2014 for the test data, a final workshop open to all participants is organised.


The main task submission commitment is necessary to access the data. Each lab is invited to participate.

If you are not able to developp all the technologies necessary to answer the main task, you can join one of the consortia that are funded by the project. In this last case, please contact the evaluation organizers.

Final workshop

The final workshop is held for 2 days.


Results are publicly revealed and presented.


Each participant must explain how their system works.


A conclusion meeting is organised at the end of the workshop and improvement solutions are discussed.